Love Stories can be Eerie

August 5, 2016

Hello Everyone,

So just the other day I was watching a movie and realized how much of a plot a love story can create. Also how many of the either eerie or scary movies involve a love story. That made me think about how many actually do have love stories or as part of the plot.

Some Classics:

First of all most of the old fantasy movies that many of us have grown up with like Sleeping Beauty, Beauty and the Beast, or Cinderella all have this love as part of the plot for the story. However they also have the villains and despair inside the movie or the book that helps create part of the tale. It’s almost as if the story line would seem ‘too’ every day or normal to us if the characters did not also have a villain in the mix.

Sleeping Beauty had Maleficent.

Cinderella had the Wicked Stepmother.

Beauty and the Beast had, Gaston and the people of the village and also it had the enchantress or enchanter in the beginning that cursed the Beast or I should say the prince.

Darker Tales:

Not too many people know but the original tale of The Little Mermaid did not have a happy ending, at least not for the mermaid. Can’t remember if her name was Aerial like in the Disney film but you get the point.

There is also the case of one of the most famous love stories of all time, Dracula. Many people forget that it was indeed a love story but filled with all the gore and chaos that an eerie book or scary book requires. Makes the villainy more intense and for some of us the feeling of the love stronger. Weird how one emotion can help bring out another?

After Thoughts:

It was just something I was thinking about the other day while trying to think about how screenplays work. Or how they compare to books. Often they are delivered differently because many times the movie and the book audience of people are different.

If Desert Shadows ever went to film I would like to find that happy medium. I would also like to encompass all the things that are normal in life. Bringing to our attention the emotions that can derive from not only evil, or eeriness, or scariness but also the darkness that we can sometimes feel in love stories.


Thanks for Reading

Joshua Crane Dowidat


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