Setting the Mood: For Writing

Hello Everyone,

Well I was writing some stuff this week and had another little episode of writer’s block. Sometimes we find ourselves wanting to write but not knowing how to initially approach it. Seldom do I get writer’s block so when I do I like to post how I overcome my episodes.

When the Initial Kick-off isn’t there:

Well sometimes I can just sit down and begin to write. Not everything I write will make it into one of my books or blogs or whatever but I have a jumping off point to begin with. Most of the time this is me. I have a general idea that I start writing with and then elaborate on it or will do some research afterwards to enhance the subject material, or to strengthen the plot. Depends of course on what I am doing. But sometimes I need to write and then when I sit down to jump into it after a long day of work or a good night’s sleep and I just can’t get into it. So what do I do, I set the mood. Actually it’s more like adjusting my mood but I just like saying it that way.

The Mood:

Sometimes when I write on a subject I will have to be in a certain mood. Often the days are bright and hot here where I live and the eerie mood doesn’t always set in for the style writing that I focus on 80% of the time. So what do I do? I adjust that mood by finding something that will enhance that feeling inside me, watching movies that inspire this mindset or reading often helps. Lately it has been the hopeful chance of the monsoons coming in that help me. The quick drop in the temperature, the cool breeze relieving the day’s intense heat and the clouds shading the overbearing brightness. Any of these little things help me set the mood for writing.

If I am writing on the subject of research then perhaps a walk in nature helps the best because I can look at the plants and animals and try to remember everything I know about each and every little thing as I walk. What the plant can provide as far as food, poison, aroma, or healing factors. What an animals life cycle consists of and how they interact with things, what kind of noises they make or if they themselves provide food if need be. Whenever I can’t remember something or wonder about something in those aspects I will come back in and look it up. More often than not this will provide me with the mood I needed because now I have a good jumping of point for research behavior.

Well those are just a few thoughts on how I get past writer’s block and set the mood for writing. At least sometimes.

Thanks for Reading,

Joshua Crane Dowidat


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