Just Thinking about Walls

Hello Everyone,

It’s about walls. I know this blog is about a something different and off the subject from the normal type of stuff that I talk about, so bear with me.

So for the job that I do, there are often times where I cannot perform my function. Whether it be due to the rain or lightning which make it more dangerous considering the fact that I work around electricity.

So what about walls?

So, I sat there waiting for the storm to pass over the other day in my truck. I was listening to the flood advisories coming through on my phone and stayed parked on higher ground out of the roadways. Right next to a brick wall. I noticed that the ground was flooding next to the brick wall. The roadway was also running and the rain was pouring down on the hood of my truck. It was so loud it was making it hard to talk with anybody on the phone. Throughout all this I noticed that one side of the wall was completely soaked, flooded,and muddy. I know I mentioned that but the interesting thing was that the other side was dry and untouched by the rain or mud.

The reason it was so interesting to me was that through such a strong storm coming in that one side of this wall could remain untouched.

I began thinking about how we often put up those walls in our life to keep those storms out. How even though it may appear that we are untouched the other side has been weathered, and that touch of the storm can still be felt on the other side even though it doesn’t appear to be.

Oftentimes I think about these types of things because it helps with writing. It also helps with character development. Then sometimes it also helps as a personal development. Perhaps the brick wall could be used as a metaphor in some ways from the actual wall to a person’s actual defenses or true feelings. Often we build that wall that looks so strong and untouched because we don’t want people to see the other side. Maybe that’s why people can become angry with us for being set in a certain way but perhaps that is because they never saw what the storm did to us on the other side.

So I watched that wall for a while before the water started leaking through the cracks and finally finding its way over. Then…just when I thought I couldn’t get lost more in thought……………a freaking mosquito bit me and broke my concentration.

Anyway once again just food for thought.

Thanks for Reading,

Joshua Crane Dowidat


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