Eerie for Thoughts: Windy and Gusty Weather

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We all have different attitudes toward the wind. Someone once even told me that I got angry if the wind wasn’t blowing the right direction. I don’t think that had anything to do with the wind but was something else entirely but still the fact of the matter is the wind can be a blessing and a burden at times,

I actually like the wind. Although not always in the hot summers here where it feels like a confection oven blowing in your face every time you walk outside but typically I like the unstill feeling that the wind or gusts of wind provides.

Wind and Gusts:

Wind is caused by changes or differences in atmospheric pressure when the high and low pressures meet. It is also caused by the Coriolis Effect. So the rotation of the planet is a combining factor in the wind production and the more constant flow of wind around the world. Storms are usually the cause that come from the atmospheric differences and is why the steady wind is usually displaced by the gust of wind in the oncoming storm

Why in the Eerie Section:

So glad you asked. Because wind is one of those factors that is often forgotten about when an eerie mood creeps upon us.

Just Imagine:

There is a calm before the storm. You see the birds flying away and no other animals are in sight. You see the oncoming clouds working their way over the mountains or the tree line and approaching you with a promise of rain and possible devastation. There will be rain causing floods and leaks in houses. There will be thunder to make us shiver every time it cracks across the sky. There will be lightning with that thunder, promising electrical discharges and possible fires or the possibility of being struck. And there will be wind pushing the storm through and blowing everything around in a frenzy.

People can be hit by flying debris and injured from this invisible force or even blown around by the sheer force alone. It can rip paneling of houses and even push small cars. You can’t even see it coming. All you can do is hope that gust of wind is loud enough as it screams its way toward you to give you ample time to seek shelter or brace yourself. Sometimes, the rain will let you know the wind is coming and shift direction in the distance to allow you to see the passing of the wind. Perhaps not.

Me and the Wind:

I love it. It pushes away the old and brings in the new. It brings in new scents of far off places and spreads pollen around. It gives a nice cool feeling to the air when the weather is right making it feel crisp and refreshing. So you ask me if I like the wind. I love it and don’t care what direction it’s blowing in, unless it’s hot. But I do watch out for the chaos it can bring and the eerie feeling of an invisible foe coming at you in a tremense storm.


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Joshua Crane Dowidat

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