Eerie for Thoughts: Jure Grando

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Well here it is. My last vampire one for a while. I must have done close to a dozen of them now and had this one last mysterious vampire tale to tell before I move on to another creature. Or creatures, who knows. Anyways this is some basic information on the vampire Jure Grando.

Who, Where, When:

He was a villager from the region of Istria known today as Croatia. When…well it depends. The facts say he dies in 1656 but he was around for sixteen years after that. According to legend anyways. This may be one of the oldest known tales of vampirism in the world, depending on the accuracy of the date in comparison with others. Once again it was in a small village in an older time which brings that eerie feeling all around for me. Mainly because of the lack of knowledge in those times and the extreme belief in the superstitions of things like vampires and other things.

The Tale:

Well apparently Jure Grando, which was his name in human form, would rise from the grave knocking on the doors of villagers. Whoever’s door he knocked on would experience bad things and most often death in the next few days among the family. His widowed wife even said that he often visited her with a smile on his face and gasping for air. There is more erotic parts of that story as well, but since I try to keep it around the PG-13 level I will leave that up to your research. Perhaps this is where that erotic-vampire folklore began.

Anyways, they finally went to pound a stake through his heart one night but the first stake bounced of his chest. Later they went back with words of exorcism and a priest and opened the coffin to reveal a perfectly preserved corpse. They used a saw to remove the head and after that. Well, it was all better in the village. And good times were had by all. That’s a little humor form something else and I wonder if anyone else will get it.

What makes it Eerie?

Well first of all it’s another vampire tale. Usually enough said. But that’s where I separate that horror form eerie. The eerie feeling comes to me form the age old village with not many people living there. That feeling of being isolated with something like this going on. Before electricity as well so lights were dependent on candles and fireplaces. Nothing else to illuminate that dark night out in the middle of a small village in the 1600s. That’s the eerie thoughts I have when I read these tales.

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