Scary Movies: Home or Theater

Hello everyone,

Just went and saw another scary movie this last weekend with my brother and forgot how fun it was to watch a good scary movie at the theater. I have a hard time justifying going to the theaters anymore because of the costs but sometimes it’s just worth it to me. The movie we went and saw was The Conjuring 2. I really enjoyed it.

What made it enjoyable?

Well to me the theater always captures that different feeling than watching a movie at home. This is probably because of the huge screen in front of you that lets you see more details of the movie than at home. Also it was new enough that the good parts weren’t ruined for me yet.

The movie was also based on the accounts of two real life paranormal investigators and that part is enough alone to get me thrilled to see a movie. I know not everyone believes in that stuff but I do so it adds to that eerie or scary feeling inside me when I watch them, especially for the first time.

The difference with watching movies at home:

To me the theater is always a good place to see a new scary movie at for the reasons mentioned above. However, watching a good horror flick at home can be even more satisfying. Why? Because you don’t have that comfort of all the people around at a public theater. At home your imagination can run a little freer and separate you from the reality of the movie on screen. You start to watch the areas of the house that have shadows or are in darkness. You become keener in your sense of hearing and every little noise in the house grabs your attention. Or you could be the complete opposite and get so lost in the movie that you don’t even realize the killer or monster is right behind you. Just kidding but you get the point.

The other nice thing about watching movies form home is the opportunity to mess with your friends of family afterwards or during the movie and scare them. Something that is frowned upon at a theater.

The movie:

Well I’m not going to get into detail about the movie because I don’t like to spoil it for anyone. It was a good movie in my opinion and worth the money to see at the theater but I am in no way a movie critic. Just my opinion. Is it kid friendly, I would say yeah but most parents would have to disagree. Probably not good for younger kids.

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Joshua Crane Dowidat


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