Eerie for Thoughts: The Lincoln Tunnel

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Well I’m still on the disappearances thing. At least for a couple more when I’m not being all nostalgic. This time it’s a tunnel. The Lincoln Tunnel.

And this time it’s also a matter of time, so to speak.

The Lincoln Tunnel:

The Lincoln Tunnel opened in 1937 that connects New Jersey to New York via underneath the massive weight of the Hudson River. It is roughly 1.5 miles long.

To me the walls still creak with the weight and fluidity of the river waiting for the right moment to push down on the drivers inside. It might sound a little bit morbid but those were the thoughts I had. At least a few times while traversing the tunnel when I was younger with my grandparents. I prefer the George Washington bridge myself to get from point A to B.

The Mysteries:

One couple was driving through the The Lincoln Tunnel in a tremense winter storm. While about halfway through the they stopped to clear snow from their windshield and car before exiting the tunnel. Probably with the hopes that the extra little bit of visibility would allow them that safe drive home. Little did they know that the stop to ensure that little bit of extra safety would be the most unsafe thing they did. The car was later found but neither passengers exited the The Lincoln Tunnel that night. They were never seen again.

However, the other part of the story from another source says that the husband turned around and noticed his wife was missing. So he was found but she never was. Still the Lincoln Tunnel was always busy when I saw it and even though most of the sources say the occurrence happened in the mid-70s I imagine the tunnel would still be busy. Still the reports might say they debunk it or that it is a hoax but once again cover-ups have occurred a lot quicker when the forces that be, think there might be a problem. Can you imagine if people became scared to drive through the Lincoln Tunnel and rerouted all their traffic to the other conduits that connect New York to New Jersey? It would be insane. So saying that I can imagine how a little strange disappearance could get covered up so quickly. Regardless of what others think the traffic would have been like on a night like that.


Some of the mysteries that surround the tunnel have to do with time. Time simply disappearing form people’s lives form one end of the tunnel to the other. Weird cases where someone travels through and their watch say a certain time and then when the get to the other side it is several hours later or maybe just one hour. Still it’s an awfully long time for a 1.5 mile long tunnel even at a slow speed limit.

Just a little something to think about next time you go through a tunnel. Ha!

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