Mazes and Trails: The Likeness I Find in Them

August 19, 2016

Hello Everyone,

Once again I went and wrote something a little philosophical but it is a break from the other stuff for me and allows me to free my mind. In writing you never can tell how much of a story has a secret underlying message. We often use these metaphors or likenesses to create something that relates┬áto an audience but also ourselves. This is kind of what I got last week with the walls but this week it’s trails and mazes.

Mazes and Trails:

So once again I was at work today and thinking or lost in train of thought I guess I might say. I was walking through the desert trying to figure out my path in between cacti, trees, rocks or any surfaces that may be too much to climb up.

While walking, I remembered something from my past that had a lot to do with finding my way around the desert or at least similarities. And that was mazes. I always fancied myself a pretty good person at doing mazes when I was younger. Although I think my brother was the same I would still have to ask him just to make sure.

Regardless, I think that part of my capacity for finding easy routes in the desert, or vice versa, finding the route through a maze came from one or the other. Often times when my brother and I were younger we were always hanging around in the desert. We would follow the cow trails to get through the desert as we were younger. As we grew older, the trails began disappearing. This was because the open range cattle was starting to be removed. The trails began harder to manage a route and the path became more difficult to navigate.

Now, although I started this reflection from the similarities I came up with between mazes and trails this is where I went a different direction with my thoughts. These paths while hiking through the desert can work hand-in-hand on how a person visualizes things in life. I also want to touch base on the probability that it could also be seen as a passage in life.

When we were younger the paths seemed clear and straight forward, at least most the time. As we grow older they became more difficult and unclear. There’s more obstacles in the way. You have to put a lot more thought into it until all those little turns and bends, and obstacles that you have to conquer become a clear path. Much like the trails did through our life. As we got older the path in life became a lot harder to sometimes see clearly and in full. Like finding our way through the trails or a maze. Perhaps that’s just the human mind growing older. Or maybe it’s just our minds saying that things have become more difficult when in fact they are the same. Just a little overgrown and clustered. We are just seeing or placing more obstacles in the way and over complicating the simple path.

Point to be made:

Although the path in life seems harder and less clear as we get older it is still the same path. We just have to remember what was underneath before it all got grown over because underneath its still the same.

Thanks for Reading,

Joshua Crane Dowidat


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