Eerie for Thoughts: Hessdalen Lights

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The mysterious lights that we are going to discuss this week don’t have any folklore or eerie tale behind them yet I found them still eerie enough to put in here. Mainly because these lights are so prominent and spread out that it is odd to me that they still have no explanation. Still, only hypotheses that are scientific “possibilities” at best. For now, the Hessdalen Lights will remain a mystery to many, including the scientists that study the phenomena.

Hessdalen Lights:

The Hessdalen Lights spread across a valley in Norway where they get their name from, The Hessdalen Valley. In this scenario when I say spread out I mean they are spread out. They appear anywhere along a 7.5 mile stretch of the valley and just above the horizon and into the immediate sky above.

They appear in different colors as well but typically stick to a select few. The eerie part about this is that all the reports of the Heedalen Lights have proof into what they look like or do. There are pictures and even video on the lights. They put on quite the show as well. Ranging in their displays from a few seconds to an hour of captivating and mysterious wonder.

The Hessdalen Lights don’t just appear and stay in one spot. Nor do they always do the same thing. Sometimes the lights are bouncing around in the sky. Sometimes they move fast, sometimes slow. Sometimes they do just hover in one particular spot until they disappear. Sometimes they move from one side of the valley to the other. Also the shapes. They are not always the same shape. One report with video evidence even shows a display of the Hessdalen Lights in the shape of a pyramid bouncing through the sky before disappearing. This was recorded around 1997-98 during a study.

Conclusion and Studies:

The Hessdalen Lights have received a lot of attention since their first large scale reports in the early 1900s. However, most theories on the lights are just a hypothesis to this day.

Some believe that they are cause my different cases missing or combusting in the lower atmosphere. Some believe it is even some type of plasma emitted from certain rocks, like crystals, in the distance and creating some type of energy display across the horizon.

Now the part that makes it eerie to me is that unlike most of the other lights these don’t even to begin to have the theory that a car or plane causes them. The other factor would be a mirage type of explanation behind the Hessdalen Lights but no. These lights are actually seeming to go away as the years go on.

They use to be seen numerous times through-out the year. So much, in fact, that they set up a research station there to study them. However, nowadays the Hessdalen Lights seem to be going away. Perhaps before we can study them thoroughly. Perhaps before we can get the important message that some other worldly being or spirit is trying to deliver.

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