Haunted Places: Highgate Cemetery

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As many of you know, I recently just finished a segment on Haunted Hospitals/Asylums. I didn’t even put a dent on it. However, currently I am still working on the haunted cemeteries. This haunted cemetery is Highgate Cemetery in London.

The reason I mentioned the Hospitals/Asylums is because I always mentioned, or at least a lot of the time, that the harsh conditions were from overcrowding. Well, cemeteries can be pretty crowded also.

Think about the possibilities of a haunting with so many people buried together in one location. What if that number is around 170,000, like in Highgate?

Highgate Cemetery:

As I mentioned it is located in England. North England to be more precise. The cemetery is divided into two sections as well, east and west. To help navigate but also because of the dividing on Swain’s Lane that splits the cemetery’s entirety.

The cemetery was officially formed in 1839 after a church dedication and grew rapidly. Although it is not a very old cemetery compared to many is still holds a large amount of deceased. 53,000 or more crypts and graves mark the land. Many of the Gothic style tombs came to be from the burial practices in this cemetery as the Victorian Era’s view on death became a strong influence in burials.

The land is also considered to be a nature reserve.


The cemetery is actually only 37 acres, the tombs and burial styles manage to hold the larger number of those buried in smaller confines.

As I have also discussed in other posts is that I believe the sheer number of deceased or tortured souls (asylums/insane hospitals) adds to the possibility of the place being haunted. So needless to say, Highgate Cemetery has a very good potential of that.

Even though I am not going to go deep into some of the random accounts of hauntings there is one person buried at Highland Cemetery that intrigues me. That person’s name is Adam Worth.

Adam Worth:

Buried in the Western side of the cemetery, Worth was a philanthropist. And he was also a Mastermind Criminal. Known as “the Napoleon of Crime” by Scotland Yard.

He is considered by some to be the influence behind Sherlock Holmes’ Professor Moriarty. Someone that always sparked an interest in me.

Although Worth was born in Germany he moved to Boston, USA and then moved back to England. He even served in the Union Army in the American Civil War. And that’s where his criminal life began.

He became a bounty jumper and then resorted to small store robberies after meeting some new accomplices and serving some time. It wasn’t long before he moved on to banks.

When Worth moved to England was when his criminal mastermind legacy took place. He started a network of criminals. He also stole a large prize of diamonds and smuggled famous paintings.

Yet in the end he made a mistake and was captured. But who is to say that his networking of mastermind activity didn’t end there. Perhaps he carried that with him to the grave.

His grave is not marked with his name but that of Henry J. Raymond. It is said that mismarked graves, wrong names, those without the signature RIP tend to leave the spirits in unrest. One thing I can only imagine is that seeing this grave and the eeriness of the cemetery would be enough to send chills through me.

Makes you wonder about the unnamed people buried there. Did they even get a marker? Or are those hardened criminals just bound to the land and not a particular grave. Perhaps that is why the cemetery has a notably high haunting level.


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