Eerie for Thoughts: Oliver Larch?

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Well like I said earlier this week that was my last vampire blog for a while unless something really cool comes up. Well here is a new subject I’m going to be focusing on for a few to ten or so blogs over the next few weeks. The subject of disappearances.

Oliver Larch:

1890 was the year and the young lads name was Oliver. He was sent to fetch water from the family well on Christmas Eve while the family was singing. It was long after his departure to the well that the family heard him yelling for help. Supposedly he was yelling, “Help, it’s got me!” Or something around those lines. It is an interesting case because certain clippings and other sources have different stories and documentation. Back to the story the weather conditions of the day were snow blanketed landscape and clear skies after an earlier storm that passed through. When the family responded to his cries for help they found only his footsteps disappearing into the snow form his venture to the well. They went to further and in no other direction but simply ended.




Swarm of Butterflies?

Upon finding the footprints and one of the buckets for water they only heard his voice disappearing into the distance. It was muffled enough as to not allow the direction of his cries to be distinguished.

The Real Eerie Fact:

Okay like many of my posts and like already mentioned there are discrepancies in the stories. This case is all over the place. The names change but the stories stay the same or similar. Oliver’s name changes and so does his age and the year of the disappearance. Other researchers have found that the old police records burnt up in a fire and some places seem to have misplaced information. Weird, huh? Kind of like no one wants you to know what really happened to poor Oliver that dreadful day he disappeared.

Perhaps those in power feel the truth is too much for the public to know and allowed this information to be so conveniently misplaced. Or chances are good that it actually did burn up in some freak fire and that was just the dumb luck of the matter. Anyways the fact that he disappeared in the middle of a regular snowy day kinds of gives me the chills. Especially thinking of the family’s account which is one of the main things that doesn’t really change from story to story.

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