Frequently Asked Questions

What inspired the book “Desert Shadows” and/or any of the other works in progress?

My passion for writing came from a long time of sleepless nights when I created this hobby to simply gather all the things on my mind and compile them into new ideas. Mixing and forming them around eventually lead me to create my first published novel that is loosely based on my childhood imaginations and also some loosely based historical events.

Where/When does the story take place?

The story takes place in modern time. Although I based some aspects of it on my childhood twenty some years ago, I decided to make it fit a more “nowadays” era in hopes to allow the reader to more easily find themselves walking in the characters shoes. As for “where” it takes place, the story is located in a more mountainous region of southeastern Arizona where there is a higher concentration of vegetation and a slightly different environment than what many think of when they think of a southwestern desert.

How did I develop the characters?

Once again this is a loosely based development of characteristics of myself with some slight alterations to give the character a more universal approach to things so that the readers could perhaps relate to them more. I hope to create a more defined character for Caleb and Liam as well as any others in future books but because they are still young I think that their development over several novels was a key approach because it will allow readers to experience that growth.

Do I have a method of contact?

I will be working on setting up some sort of mail service when the time permits, hopefully, a P.O. Box. Currently, I have no other means besides the website or any of the social media methods.