Eerie for Thoughts: Jack Frost

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Many of us know about Jack Frost. The folklore behind the winter-being most likely comes from older Norse beliefs. However, he is more commonly believed to derive from the winter-being Old Man Winter. Regardless of where he came from one thing is certain. Jack Frost has been part of our upbringing for many years now.

Modern Jack Frost:

Modern day depictions create him to be one of two things. Either a wispy, chilly, obnoxious character with an excitable outlook on life or a coldblooded killer.

Yes, in case some of you are not aware, Jack Frost is also in horror movies that exist today. And he has also starred in kid’s cartoons and Pixar style films. Or regular films as a lovely little snowman.


It is believed in all the tales, (books, films, etc.) that Jack Frost comes with the winter weather. Or that he creates winter. Most of the tales that I have ever read or heard, have him entering in late autumn/fall and causing the seasons to change.

He brings the ice and first frosts onto the plants and standing waters. He is seen by the animals making them go into hibernation and to prepare for winter. Yeah that’s right, the animals can see him.

He floats around the air on the firs flurries of the season and flies around on the freezing winds that send shivers through anyone who gets caught in the way. Skating on ponds that begin to freeze his laughing and singing are often confused with cracking ice as it splinters to a frozen whine.

There are many tales but this is Eerie for Thoughts.

The Eerie Aspects:

Like the last part just finished up with, his laughs are like the splintering ice. Well when you think about it, it is not a very pleasant sound. Kind of the same as the fingernails on the chalk board type of feeling when I think about it.

There is also the gloom that comes in many parts of the world when this change in seasons takes place. The nights grow rapidly darker. The days stop warming up and the frost eventually carries though the entirety of the day.

Creatures of the wild get caught in his wake and freeze before finding shelter. Humans the same.

“Better get inside and by the fire, before Jack Frost gets you.”

You can say that in a joking voice and it sounds childish and maybe like an anticipation for the seasonal cold spells. But if you just change your tone around a little the same saying sounds eerie. Or deadly.

He ultimately causes plants to die out for the year or at least go dormant. People and animals alike can get frostbite. Maybe this is Jack Frost nibbling on your toes and fingers to see if he likes the way you taster before he eats you up whole. Perhaps he is neither friend nor foe and just another creature of the mythical, or real, realm. Just trying to survive through the winter himself. A shrewd curse makes it so that is the only weather he can come out in. Perhaps the curse is that he can only eat frozen food, or people. Warm meals will make him sick or kill him.


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