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I know I’ve talked about bugs before and more than once. The thing is, is that they often appear in horror movies or scary tales. We will see the worms crawling out of an upturned corpse or the spiders crawling up a wall but the truth of the matter is we do find these bugs more often than not in those places we already dread to venture. However in today’s blog post I want to talk about something else that concerns bugs. Swarms.

American Dustbowl:

Well there I was taking a break from my usual activities and trying to watch a few minutes of television with my brother at his place. I don’t have television so I obviously don’t watch much. I was watching a program called “Mysteries at the Museum.” I at least believe it was or it was one of the other “mystery” shows that are all about the same. Anyways, this one had to do with the swarm of locusts that numbered in the trillions that followed the dustbowl through the mid-western states.


That’s a lot of bugs flying through the air. Many people think that this is no big deal but what they often forget is that these bugs will turn carnivorous when they lack essential protein in their diets. Now this doesn’t mean they are going to eat a human but I wouldn’t put it past a swarm if it were big enough to feed of an injured or sick person who could not defend themselves. Most case studies would disagree with this because often times the swarms move past without even eating crops. For some reason they become gregarious and swarm. It has nothing to do with any lack of sustenance in any particular area it is just their calling.

But Why:

Biblical plagues often mention locusts swarming in wrath’s of revenge. You see it on movies all the time as well like the Exorcist. But I don’t think many of us realize the intensity of these swarms in real life or how often they occur.  A big one just occurred several years back in Cairo and other parts of Africa. Another one in South Russia just occurred and is still carrying on. Think about how weird these mass of bugs are and how they can just formulate in an instant as it seems. What would happen if one hit the United States mid-west these days and the impacts it would have. So much of the world relies on that belt of grain and corn and other crops as well as our own.

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