Another Writer’s Block

Hello Everyone,

So I know I’ve written about this before but since it hit me so hard today I wanted to address the point about the difficulties that writer’s block can sometimes create.

The Topic:

The topic that I was working on was more business related while getting ready for an interview on Monday of this week. I could not get past thinking about an answer or an example of a certain time something happened to me. The question had multiple answers that I could have gone with but I wanted to find that one, somewhere back in my memory. That golden answer that would mold it all together. The truth was they were all about the same.

The Results:

Well I skipped past the question and then went back to it after blazing through the rest. I thought that it would help free up my mind or maybe while thinking about the other questions I would in turn come up with an answer for the earlier one. I didn’t


I took a walk. I went walking around outside trying to free up my mind and not even think about the question or an answer as much as it tried to bounce back into my head. I knew if I could just get this one question answered I would be done with this project for the rest of the day. But now, still now answer. And then as I was entering my house after my brisk but hot walk outside in the scorching heat it dawned on me. Occam’s razor. The simplest solution would be the answer. Instead of confusing myself with such a dire need for that perfect answer I went with the simplest because it was the one that most often occurred and I could work with it from different angles knowing what my resolutions were in past times.

I feel this often happens with writers as we approach that brick wall or writer’s block and try to find the perfect solutions or the perfect phrase when ultimately it is the simplest one. But that’s perhaps the flaw in us because we want to find something so unique that we forget the things that most people can relate to and familiarize themselves with that would have made a better answer or even a better storyline in the case of writer.

Feel free to share your resolutions to this block. I would love to hear them.

Thanks for Reading,

Joshua Crane Dowidat


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