Mythical Creatures: Thunderbird

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Well here we go, first of the blogs with some sort of a different direction and since the overcast today was reminding of rain, I decided to touch base on the old Thunderbird to begin with.

Although I will be jumping around from different blogs at times, I did want to focus on these mythical creatures. I wanted to do this because sometimes when I do write my regular blogs, some of these mythical and eerie creatures are mentioned.

Hopefully this will be interesting for everyone and educational. Hopefully it will also clear up and wondering or help when these creatures show up in my “Haunted Places” or “Eerie for Thoughts.”


The Thunderbird gets its name from kind of obvious reasons. It’s a bird that comes with thunder. Although there are stories throughout ancient mythical history that are similar to the description of the Thunderbird, this one is primarily Native American.

The Thunderbird would come with the storms. The clash of thunder in the sky would let you know that the Thunderbird was flying overhead. Some believed the Thunderbird was ancestral spirits. And to turn it in an eerie direction, anyone who lied might be struck down by lightning brought on by the Thunderbird.

IF the proper rites were not performed when visiting the Thunderbirds you had the risk of being struck down as well. However, if they were treated with respect they could help you. This occurred when one tale tells a story of a Thunderbird saving a village stricken by hunger by bringing a whale form the ocean. Yes, they are that big.

Although the Thunderbird is typically considered a savior in most tales, it is still has its share of bad tales. Some of these can have eerie outcomes and some can be outright filled with horror.

Thunderbird Characteristics:

Typically a good and helpful mythical creature. Can do harm of severe consequence. Rather large and sometimes large enough to carry whales form the ocean. Resembles a large eagle or hawk –like creature in most legends. Some legends describe the electrical currents of the lightning withering through its feathers and some describe fancy colors that help it blend with the storm clouds that provide it refuge. Associated with storms but primarily the thunder. Lifespan is presumed eternal but death can be delivered. The thunder comes from its wings and the lightning, when beckoned, comes from its flashing eyes. Lives in North America and resides in the mountains but will can also be found in thick woodlands.


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