A Quick Hello, Ideas for the Year Ahead

January 4, 2018

Hello Everyone,

I know everyone has not seen my posts on other media so as the title states that is what I am doing, saying a Quick Hello.

I have been extremely busy lately. Some of you who have been following me for some time and may have noticed that some of the blogs in the recent posts have been, recycled in a way. However, the blogs were some of my favorites. I do wish I could have managed more time to add new.

Quick Hello:

It will not be a long blog. I am exhausted from the day and have two tests at work coming up in the next week. After those are done, I am hoping that my time can slowly be put back into focusing on the blogs. Nice new, interesting, and of course ‘eerie’ facts, tales and other stories.

I know that I have been slacking and although my Quick Hello will likely turn into a little more I did want to cover some areas of concern.

Ideas for the Year Ahead:

First. There is another book I am working on. Actually let me re-state that, there is a second book that will be coming out. I wished to have it out by the spring. This would give it a two year break in between the books, longer than I wanted but time and money sometimes make the choices.

Second. I do not have any anticipated release date yet. I can tell you that I have already pushed it through editing and for me that’s the hard part. Deciding if things need to stay or go is sometimes very difficult because I find it all to be part of the story. But I do have to take you, all of you, my readers into consideration because of course I want you to enjoy reading as much as I enjoy telling the story.

Third. Some of the blogs will change a little this year, I am trying to focus on making a conglomeration for mythical and eerie themes.  I have already told, or recounted many stories and did some minor research on different topics. I want to establish a blog site that people will be able to visit for some information with some reputable references.

Fourth, I am not a ‘dark’ and sinister person. I may have my moments but I am far from a person set on gloom. I blog, tweet, do social posts, and write on subjects that are ‘dark’ and eerie. I am not a negative person nor does that mean I am. I do find these topics interesting and I like the feeling of that eeriness.

I have a positive outlook on things in life and try to support others who do. I often post stuff that is  different from my webpage’s genre but that is just another part of me. None of this is all of me. I am sure you get it.

So, as I finish my Quick Hello, I just wanted to get a few things out there. Address some questions and concerns and provide you all with hopefully a little more information. I also want to thank all of you for your continued support, comments, and visits to my webpage as we start out the New Year.

Once again, Thank you for Reading and Happy New Year,

Joshua Crane Dowidat

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