Haunted Places: Tatakanoruma Greenland

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So this next segment is once again about haunted places. However, much like Tatakanoruma Greenland, this segment is on haunted or allegedly haunted and abandoned amusement parks.

Tatakanoruma Greenland:

The park was originally opened in 1973. It is located in Japan near Horbara but it is not listed on any maps in Japan. In fact after looking through for a location and seeing what others have discovered is that the coordinates for the park in Google Earth take you to the city nearby.

The park is located in the mountainous regions of Japan and used these natural landscapes to help design the layout of the park. Tatakanoruma Greenland was not the original park in the area either. In the 1960s a smaller park opened up overlooking the site that Tatakonuma Greenland was built on. This park also closed mysteriously after only being opened for a short time.

The park, from the pictures I’ve seen, appears to be your typical amusement park. Filled with motorized rides, and game billboards all around the flashing lights that one would expect to encounter. Only nothing moves, no lights flash and dazzle a crowd of kids, no rides bring cheer and joy to people. Only silence and decay.

The park was only open for 2 years after its initial opening but did reopen in 1986 to 1999. It is rumored that the first closing was due to low ticket sales problems with the rides. Many locals who were visited during those times claim it was because of the high number of deaths that occurred on Tatakonuma Greenland’s faulty rides.


The parks pictures seem to make it feel that way, that’s for sure. However, there are only the rumors from some visitors of seeing a girl, around 6, standing in a white dress just beyond in the fog. This fog is apparently a constant companion to the park and rests just on top of all the decaying rides.

It is mentioned that the park was demolished in 2006 yet a photographer in 2007 said he visited a similar park that had very similar features to Tatakonuma Greenland. All those photos never uploaded to his computer except for one. This one happens to be a picture of the front entrance to the park in the fog with something standing there. Yes, you guessed it, a little girl in a white dress.

The girl has never been identified by anyone and maybe this is due to the fog. The other interesting thing about this is that the photographer’s whereabouts are unknown. Not sure exactly what that means but makes you think.

Some people who have looked further into it claim that the demolition was delayed and was actually demolished in 2010 or 2014 and that’s why you can’t find in in Google Earth. Yet some claim that it was never touched and left well enough alone after the Fukushima nuclear power plant had its melt down and it seeped into the parks region.

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