Haunted Places: Six Flags New Orleans

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Although this one doesn’t really fit into the “haunted” category, I chose to include it anyway for its eerie nature and fate. As many of us know, there are several Six Flags across the United States of America, but Six Flags New Orleans is one that was forced to close years before its time.

Six Flags New Orleans:

The park was a large park in its day. 140 acres that now stand abandoned in eerie decay. The pictures are enough to tell the story of the feeling that one can get simply be looking through the photos.

It had a short life as well, especially when you consider how long many amusement parks stay open. Six Flags New Orleans opened in 2000 and closed in 2005.

Why is it Eerie?

Six Flags New Orleans met the end of its short life due to Hurricane Katrina flooding the park and devastating it to levels of un-repair. Initially they felt like they could reopen the park. However, after investigations when the 4-7 feet of flood water receded after a month, the park was deemed a hazard and a complete lost.

Well, except for the Batman ride. That was spared enough to allow them to relocate it to another park.

So when you look at the images, if you get a chance, just imagine the feeling you might get walking through the abandoned Six Flags New Orleans.


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