Haunted Places: Bachelors Grove Cemetery

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Since the last post was in Illinois I decided to keep it there while discussing this week’s haunted cemetery. Bachelors Grove Cemetery. The interesting thing about this cemetery that sets it aside from many of those I have been talking about is the size of it.

Bachelors Grove Cemetery:

The thick tree line makes the growing city of Chicago seem distant from the cemetery which adds to the secluded nature of the forgotten cemetery. At least forgotten for burials.

Only 82 plots are at the cemetery and many have never been filled. The cemetery started in 1840 and possibly even a few years earlier there were some burials in the same area. Perhaps the latest burials there, were rumored dumping of bodies by organized crime persons in the 1930s and 40s.

The cemetery which lies near the Rubio Woods Forest Preserve was founded by English homesteaders moving west around the same time the cemetery received its first tenant.

Hauntings or just Eerie?

Supposedly the locals swear that Bachelors Grove Cemetery is the place to go if you want to experience a haunting. There is a fair share of manifestations that have been reported and many of them are different altogether. That makes it interesting to me because many cemeteries have a few ghost stories compared with the large amount of graves. With so few graves there is a lot of stories at Bachelors Grove cemetery.

Perhaps the ghosts or paranormal activities feel freer to wander around since the ground has not been disturbed in so long. Perhaps the lack of other spirits around to keep them at bay, they feel like they have open grounds on the land itself.

I would probably feel the same way if I were a ghost. More comfortable coming out when not so many other ghosts were around.

Still, the cemetery reflects and eerie shadow about it. Something about the place looks lonely in the pictures. Perhaps the reason Bachelors Grove Cemetery never filled up was because the people knew the ground was sour. Maybe they knew after so many burials that something was wrong with the land. Maybe the haunting is perhaps not from manifestations from beyond the grave but those that decided to never rest there in the first place.

Maybe I should have put that last part into ‘Eerie for Thoughts?’

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