Haunted Places: Essex County Hospital Center

November 11, 2016

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Well once again thank you for taking the time to read another post of mine about a haunted place. Once again it is a hospital and this time it’s Essex County Hospital Center. Or as some call it, Essex County Insane Asylum.

A Little History:

Essex County Hospital Center was built in 1896. The purpose of the hospital might come as a shock to you. Although it was obviously a hospital for the mentally ill it was primarily built to house the overflow of mentally ill from other hospitals in the area.

Built in the Township of Cedar Grove, New Jersey the hospital served through many rough times. Unfortunately those who were there were the ones who paid the costs. That is until the hospital shut down in 2003 when a new hospital was opened.

Dark Times at Essex County Hospital Center:

There are two very particular instances that disturb me with this hospital. The first was a period of time in 1917 when winter set upon the hospital. The boiler which was the hospitals primary source of heat was not functioning. During that winter one nurse and twenty-four inmates died from the cold. The doctors literally had to pull frozen bodies from the beds.

The second instance was during the American Great Depression. Now although many of the hospitals I have mentioned went through this same time period this one has noted particulars about the era.

First the budgets for these hospitals were cut dramatically. At Essex this led to severe cases of disease spreading through-out the hospital. Thus resulting in another large number of deaths. Second factor was that to help prevent the overcrowding with the lack of funds the Essex County Hospital Center started using “quick fix” treatments for patients. Trying to move them through faster than they should have been.

Many might have suffered treatments that they did not require, leaving them completely disabled. Many might have died from the treatments in their haste. Many might have been released before the proper treatments could be performed.


Like I mentioned the hospital was closed down in 2003. The remains sit hidden behind the decay of years. Plants hide it form wondering eyes as they slowly reclaim the land that the buildings sit on. Perhaps the plants and nature know that the secrets of the hospital and the over 10,000 people who dies there need to remain secrets. Kind of eerie if you ask me.

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Joshua Crane Dowidat


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