Haunted Places: Hudson River State Hospital

November 7, 2016

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Yes I know I drifted away a little from the haunted places over the last month but that was to concentrate on the Halloween Holiday. So once again here we are and the haunted place today is the Hudson River State Hospital.

Hudson River State Hospital:

The hospital was opened in 1871 and served its purpose as a hospital for the purposes of psychiatric care. It first 40 patients were admitted then but the construction was far from complete as the hospital grew over the next 25 years. The hospital seemed to slow down gradually with its treatments over the next century because new means of care were introduced and thus eliminated the larger buildings such as the Hudson River State Hospital.

The hospital which still stands in New York was sold to an unnamed buyer when the hospital closed its doors. The gothic design of the hospital stands testament to itself in seeing why someone may want to purchase the hospital. It is considered to be a historic site but through the years the disrepair on the building and fears of crimes of vandalism have placed the building at risk. A strange thing to me is that the vandalism has not achieved high levels yet but the largest damage came from a lightning strike that damages the male bedding ward.


Well even though it has been protected fairly well form vandalism compared to other abandoned hospitals it still has seen some damage. However, the rooms untouched from stupid graffiti or attempted arsons remain with that eerie vibe. The pictures alone can send a chill creeping down ones’ spine. Peeling paint that seems to whisper out to you like an infection of cursed souls stuck inside the walls of the building that the y so yearn to escape.

Old medical equipment remains on the premises that show how the years of psychiatric treatment has changed from the more primitive and experimental designs to calmer and more effective means.

Like many of the hospitals for the clinically insane I feel that all of the abandoned or not have some type of eerie or haunted vibe to them. Paranormal researchers would most likely agree. Manifesting spirits that have remained in this world instead of crossing over seem to go hand-in-hand with the angry people who lived in this world. People venture into the Hudson River State Hospital looking for this type of activity and often find what they are looking for.


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