Eerie for Thoughts: Spiders and other Creatures

Hello everyone,

Just recently I got to see firsthand again how the smallest creatures can still fill our mind with such cringe worthy eeriness and fear that I almost laughed. Especially when I realized what these two guys’ past and present jobs were and seeing their reaction. Their reaction to a spider.

Now I understand that Black Widows are dangerous spiders in the sense of their venom, from personal experience. I also am aware that they cannot jump out at you and that they will not pursue you because they are usually trying to scamper aware the minute you expose them.

Watching these two deal with removing this spider from a shed brought to my attention the bugs mentioned in my book, “Desert Shadows” and then other books or movies. Something about them still fills an uncontrollable, creepy, itchy feeling in many of us. I even had a very close friend reading a part in the book recently who mentioned how he wanted to skip past a part because of the bugs mentioned. Sorry no more information there because I don’t want to spoil anything for those who just started reading the book.

This made me think about the simple use of these creatures in stories that simply add a feeling that we get when we see them. I began thinking of how to capture that feeling and implement it into my writings better. The main reason is because it isn’t shear horror. Just an eerie, creepy feeling that some people get when they encounter these creatures. I want to know how people feel when they think of bugs, specific bugs, spiders, snakes, lizards, and frogs, whatever. All those creepy, crawly type of creatures that inhabit the Earth and still send a shiver down your spine. Feel free to share. I will share this beautiful picture with all of you as well of the Black Widow that inspired this weeks “Eerie for Thoughts” posting.


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Joshua Crane Dowidat

Black Widow

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