Becoming Known to an Audience

April 26, 2016

Hello Everyone,

Roadrunner Theatre Company:

Just recently on a Friday night I visited a production performed by the Roadrunner Theatre Company in East Tucson. The play was “Leading Ladies” a comedy-romance done with small props, few actors/actresses but a lot of heart and talent. I really enjoyed the play and the performance done by all the actors/actresses and the other parties involved. It reminded me of the beginnings that I am currently going through with trying to get my own name heard and people to read the book “Desert Shadows.”

Many people ask why I wrote the book:

To be honest it was purely “hobby” based. I never thought anything would come of it. After publishing was in the progress I decided to see just how far it might go. I am glad everyone is enjoying the book “Desert Shadows” so far who has read it but it has also taken a lot of effort to make audiences aware of the book’s existence beyond my family and friend circle. I felt that same situation when I saw this play last weekend and thought of how they are doing this for fun but also with the hopes of making it a larger production in the future. The main problem is getting the “voice” out there. Letting people know about something.

This can relate to an earlier blog post I did about “judging a book by its cover” and whether or not to buy. I wrote that I use to do this before an author’s name was known to me. I was actually recognized in a store the other day from my book cover. It has been out for only about a month now and it was an interesting feeling. One I was not used to yet. Almost like I had forgotten that I had my picture out there on this book. Thinking about this made me want to write this post with some concentration on the people who worked on that play I saw. Hopefully it will bring them some well-deserved attention through using my “voice” a little bit on here. Hopefully it will grasp the attention of those who live in the East Tucson area, or anywhere, to maybe check out this play or any future productions.

Thanks again for reading,

Joshua Crane Dowidat



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