The Difference Between Eerie and Horror

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First off the definition alone separates the two emotions, genres, moods, or whatever you are using the word to describe. Horror is an intense feeling of shock, fear, or disgust. Eerie simply means strange or frightening.

What defines the two the most?

Well, I believe this is up to the individual who is experiencing the mood. One thing that another finds as pure horror might be just enough to give another person the “creeps” or an eerie feeling. Just the other day I was in an area where the houses were few and far between. The wind was picking up tremendously and the sky was darkening. It was not getting dark out but simply getting darker form the dust that was being stirred up in the sky. For some reason this gave me and eerie feeling and made me thinking of this blog as well as two other seasonal experiences where I live that give me this feeling.

The Monsoons

Where I live the monsoons come in with such prominence that you can usually see the approaching storm for miles upon miles before it strikes. Sometimes even hours. It can build the suspense in a person here when they wonder how intense the storm might prove to be. There is a coolness that sweeps through the air that erases the previous day’s humidity and the current days scorching temperatures as the sky darkens and the smell of rain fills the air. The crashing of thunder and flashes of lightning draw people’s attention away from their current projects as the storm approaches and they begin to question their safety outside.

Well at least I start feeling this way.

The Season change around Halloween

Where I live we seldom see real seasons. However there is a time of year when the temperatures begin to change dramatically from day to night. This usually occurs around Halloween. Night begin closing in on us quicker each day with a stunning change that is usually noticeable form one day to the next. There is also a different smell to the air. Almost like one can smell the cooler parts of the years approaching, even though they are typically not that cold compared with much of the country. But they are still cool to some of us in this area. Still the feeling this time of year gives me an eerie feeling.

Why the Comparison of Horror to Eerie?

Well, I don’t want to be a horror writer. I want people to describe me as eerie in my writings and that’s what I hope to achieve so people will see the difference. I have a fun time with the eerie things in life and although I do with horror as well it is the eerie feelings that linger. It’s those feelings that inspire me and remind me of past times of fascination and imagination. Feel free to share any of these feelings that give you some of these feelings.

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