Eerie for Thoughts: Marfa Lights

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Well, we made it through another segment of haunted places on the page but now we take a look at something else. A brief report on The Weather Channel brought this phenomena to my attention and after looking a little further into it. I found out that not only ae the Marfa Lights something I consider and “eerie for thoughts” candidate but there are a lot of other mysterious and haunting lights out there.


So over the next several weeks we will be hearing about some of these haunted and unexplained apparitions of light that people have reported over the years. Often, even photographed and videoed.


Marfa Lights:


The Marfa Lights get there name from the city in Texas. Marfa. Usually showing, or I should say lighting up, just east of Marfa along the highway the lights have fascinated people, and freaked people out for a very long time.


The lights seem to sit just along the horizon. But then there is the eerie thing about the lights, they move around. They don’t just sit there like a fading sun in the mirage of a desert night sky, they bounce around. They go up high into the sky of the horizon and come back down to the ground. They zigzag, they disappear and re-appear. They fade and then intensify.


The Marfa Lights have baffled people through-out the last two centuries and into now into this century. Early pioneers reported the lights in the mid-1800s when they ventured across the barren desert landscape. Imagine what it would feel like to see something like that in those times when out hundreds of miles from civilization. Perhaps before Marfa, Texas even existed.




Here is the part that got me curious and sent that eerie feeling through me. What is the explanation for the Marfa Lights?


You would think that with today’s science and technology we would have solved this recordable phenomena and exploited its cause. Well they have but only to get proven wrong time and time again. Many of us, or any person, who has ventured to the desert is well aware of the affects the mirages can have. They can play tricks on your mind and make you think stuff is there that really isn’t. Sometimes this is fatal when the deathly heat of the desert makes it look like there is water in the distance.


With the Marfa Lights this has been an ongoing conclusion to the lights, yet the light source would still have to come from somewhere. They most often occur very late at night when the sun has been set for a long time. Sometimes moonless nights. Also there are many times multiple lights and not just one lighted apparition. Oh, that’s right the highway nearby.

But what about the reports of the lights a hundred years before the highway, or even cars at that.


The Eerie Part:


Can you imagine walking through the desert all alone and far from anywhere, late at night? You all of a sudden see what you think is perhaps a flashlight or an approaching car in the distance. Then the light suddenly shoots up into the sky, comes back down to the ground and sits there. Just you and the crickets in the lonesome night. Watching, waiting, hoping that it’s not something else, maybe something out of this world. Then just when you think it’s not going to do anything it begins moving, pulsing, then several other light forms break off from the one you’ve been watching and travel across the landscape. Some go away, some seem to venture closer to you. There is nowhere to run. They can move at the speed of light, or so it seems.


That questionable eerie feeling you have right before those lights finally fade away is what has made the Marfa Lights attract so many people over the years in the hopes of finding some resolution to what they truly are.


Perhaps a Fata Morgana, perhaps an odd pattern of falling stars, maybe an alien. Maybe something all its own.


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