Eerie for Thoughts: Brown Mountain Lights

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Well first off, sorry about not getting this out sooner on Monday like I usually do. Been busy. However, I do want to continue my segment about the mysterious an eerie lights that people report in different areas. This week is the Brown Mountain Lights.


Brown Mountain Lights:


The sightings occur near Brown Mountain in North Carolina. Just above the horizon is where the reports say that the Brown Mountain Lights can be seen. Early reports date back as far as 1913 but USGS employees deemed it that the lights were mistaken for something else. In most cases the trains that went through the area or even vehicles. Some even report that this is random campfires.


Yet, the Brown Mountain Lights are most often seen above the horizon. Now you may remember from the last blog post that the mirages and heat waves in the sky can make images, including lights seem different then what they really are. Once again in this case there is evidence to falsify that possible conclusion to explain the Brown Mountain Lights.


After the USGS investigations into the lights there was an outage of trains and automobiles for some time due to a massive flood in the area. No lights would have been moving through the area unless it was a very random campfire or lantern that happened to brave the floods and reach the area. However, in this time of flooding while trains and automobiles were stopped, the lights kept on eerily haunting the area of Brown Mountain. And, in the same spots according to the witnesses.


Eerie Possibilities:


While we could go the more scientific route and keep arguing that the lights are in fact from some distant source and carried over the hills by some odd Fata Morgana or other superior mirage I like to take the eerie route.


Some say the Brown Mountain lights are lost souls of slaves from earlier times trying to find their way through the woods. This was mentioned in a song as well but with a different intention of the slaves.


On an episode of the X-Files the lights were mentioned while looking for lost hikers that were eventually found dead. Another UFO encounter in the area is what the outcome turned out to be I believe. This could very well be the case. After all they could fly right over flood waters.


What if it was missing people, lots out in the woods that seem to get swept away into a different portal or dimension, every time the sun sets a certain way? They get a few minutes, just long enough to try to find their way out of their imprisonment of the night forest. Their lights shine around seeking escape, seeking help from someone on this side that might happen to see them shining away. Yet we just watch in amazement and say things like, “look train lights,” or “fireflies” or “isn’t that weird, let’s take a picture.” But that’s all that comes from these lost souls cry out to us for help form another mysterious dimension of imprisonment.


Either way, mysterious lights out in the middle of nowhere are eerie to me.


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