Haunted Places: Casey Moore’s Oyster House

September 30, 2019

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Thanks again for reading and staying up today on the interesting haunted places in Arizona that you should, no must, visit. Or at least try. This week we venture back around Phoenix to the city known as Tempe. Here resides Casey Moore’s Oyster House. And know I feel like visiting an Irish Pub.

Casey Moore’s Oyster House:

Established in 1910 the house was a residency to a couple who lived and died there. They had ties with the early developments of Tempe and connections through-out the city as it grew and prospered.

After their deaths the house was still used as a residency in some form. Rumors came about that it was in fact used for a boarding house for ASU students at the time or perhaps another form of boarding. Other rumors state that is was used for a bordello and perhaps that’s where some of the haunted nature comes from.

In 1973 the residency was officially remodeled to accommodate for a restaurant. In 1986 it was officially known as Casey Moore’s Oyster House. Although it serves up some killer food and an inviting atmosphere it also has rumors of an eerie nature. Of course rumors of it being haunted.


The long past of the house being in use gives us enough opportunities that it could be haunted. Either something terrible happened where a spirit has not wanted to move on for the sake of vengeance, or perhaps something beautiful where the spirits have decided to stick around a  little longer.

Perhaps the tale of haunted happiness at Casey Moore’s Oyster House, comes from the dancing couple sometimes seem upstairs dancing away through-out the rooms. Just when you approach to see who they are the simply fade into another room or away completely. Many believe that this is the couple who originally built, lived, and died in the house.

There are also the all-around types of eerie haunts that occur throughout the house. Silverware will go flying across the rooms and hit the same spots on the walls. Lights will swing without a touch or a hot summer breeze. Weird and eerily lighted apparitions will appear and then disappear throughout the building as well. And if that isn’t enough there is still the dark haired girl.

She has long jet black hair and light colored eyes. She moves around just out of the corner of your vision but as soon as you turn to address her or to see perhaps who it is she vanishes. Just long enough for you to see her but not long enough to make conversation. Simple gone. Poof.

There are two rumors associated with who this eerie phantom haunter might be. The first is that she is a former student that used the house when it was a boarding house. An unhappy suitor who was not happy with her answer to his proposal is the one who killed her in the house. The other rumor is that she was perhaps a girl in her early to mid-twenties who worked and the rumored bordello when it was perhaps one.

Of all these rumors, which occurs a lot in the story of how hauntings become, there is one thing for certain. Casey Moore’s Oyster house provides a lively bit of entertainment today with the possibility of some UN-lively visitors hanging around the place.

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