Eerie for Thoughts: The Flannan Isles Lighthouse

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Thanks again for reading and I know I’m on another tangent but I like the flow of it. It lets me settle into a mood and writing style that I hope helps briefly explain the stories but also one that elevates the mood. This one might not seem as creepy or as eerie as others but still the facts and the investigations that followed add to the elements of the mysterious.


Well it took place on an island in the Flannan Isles of the Northwest coast of Scotland. The main incident of course that we are talking about took place at a lighthouse erected on one of those islands.


December 28th 1900 was the date when someone first noticed something was amiss. The exact time of the disappearance is hard to conclude from the records except for the last time the missing people write into their journal or log book at the lighthouse on the 15th of December.

In a Nutshell:

Well the story goes that the lighthouse was first reported as not operating by a passing ship. When that ship reached port later the incident was reported. Upon investigation several days later, due to poor weather conditions, it was found that the lighthouse keepers were not around. All three of them. Upon further investigation it was discovered that the island did succumb to very extreme weather conditions. A rock weighing in at more than a ton was displaced 108 feet above sea level showing that the conditions where tremense. Iron railings and concrete encasement’s were ripped loose from their anchors and other severe damage was found and reported.

Now the Eerie Part:

Well most of you will simply say that those people on the island had either taken off and abandoned post or that they were simply swept away. Perhaps, but there’s very strong evidence to prove otherwise. First the swept away theory. It is against protocol for all of them to be out of the lighthouse at the same time. Okay, understandable. Who out there would know the difference. Still if they were taken by some of these severe damages listed. But then who recorded the entries in the last journal entry that this damage already occurred before the crew went missing. Okay maybe they simply took off. Okay I will shoot this one down real quick because if the conditions were that bad and severe in the surrounding areas you would have to be a insane person to try to leave the island in a small boat. Even if a larger boat swung by and picked them up they would have needed the lighthouse to successfully navigate. Right? Well the torch’s mirrors were freshly polished and the oil containers full and unlit at the time of the investigation.

Just think what it would be like to be out there on a remote island in the cold brutal ocean. Waves splashing against the cliffs and the cement or brick walls of the lighthouse structure. Visibility almost zero as the rains hit among the extreme fogs that blow through with such fierce forces that it’s like smoke in your eyes. Trying to find your way around an island full of slippery rocks and no other light in sight. Only the unforgiving ocean on all sides of you.

No signs of psychotic behavior were reported among the crew that worked in a rotating shift with other crews maintaining the lighthouse either. So what happened?


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