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Out of the eerie lights I have discussed so far this one seems to have had an investigation that brought it closer to being explained. Maybe it’s because it wasn’t reported until later in the last century when cars, planes and other modern “lighted” objects were more relevant. But to me the Paulding Light still captures a little bit of eeriness.

Paulding Light:

The Paulding Light gets its name from the town nearby of Paulding, Michigan. The mysterious and often ghostly appearance has been reported since the 1960s. However, unlike many of the other eerie, unexplained lights we discuss, the Paulding Light was first observed when traffic in the area was heavy or in some cases already existed.

Yet, the light still captures the mysterious mindset that the other unexplained lights do. Many of the locals claim it can’t be the traffic. A series of investigations using telescopes and other instruments. They claimed they could see the traffic on the nearby highway using these instruments and even recreated the effect of the Paulding Light.

Well, it seems all the eeriness of the light could just go away. Until……SyFy Channel did an episode on the Paulding Light to explain it on a fact or fiction show. At first the investigators thought they had it all figured out. But ultimately when the finished the investigation they stated that the Paulding Light was still and unexplained phenomena.


Well whether you believe it was the traffic or airplane spotlights or not I still like to take the eerie and mysterious route.

The Paulding Light has a tale similar to The Gurdon Light concerning the Railways. Legend states that a set of railway tracks use to run through the valley. The Paulding Light is the lantern of a railway worked who was struck and killed by an oncoming train while trying to warn it about another train on the tracks. He still is out there in the woods trying to warn people to this day.

Another tail is one of a mail courier who was murdered in the area while out delivering. Perhaps he is looking for his killer or perhaps still trying to make that one last deliver. Whether it be snow, sleet or hail, he will deliver.

The last one I will mention is one that I find a little silly and that is why I am mentioning it. This tale involves a Native American spirit that emits the eerie light while jumping on the power lines that run through the valley near Paulding, Michigan. Eerie or funny, I’ll let you be the judge of that.

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