Eerie for Thoughts: Once Bitten, Twice Stung

Hello Everyone,

Okay I kind of made a joke in that title a little bit to make it a little catchier but hey it sounded funny for something eerie.

As many of you who know me will also know that this is just a play on words because I have been bitten or stung by just about everything in the desert minus one Rattlesnake and one Gila Monster. And also I should specify that I mean things with venom or a type of poisonous fluid.

What’s eerie about it?

Okay for me the first thing is the animal doing it. For some reason the fact of something crawling on me and biting or stinging me freaks me out. Now the flip side to that is that I will voluntarily hold these animals or creatures but when they are uninvited it gets me.

Then onto the venom or poison part. What makes it so eerie to me you might ask? Well will you ask me? Okay, the part of this that strikes me as eerie is that even if you manage to kill that creature or fend it off from harming you anymore it has still left its mark on you. You still have that insects poison from the stinger or the venom from that snakes fangs coursing through your veins. Guess what? You have to deal with it. Or you could try to pull your veins out and rid yourself of the contaminants.


I don’t know why for sure. I guess it’s just a natural human condition to feel like that because I have heard other people say the same or at least similar things before. Mainly about mosquitoes and such but never really about spiders. I wonder why that is. Maybe because spiders aren’t’ known for carrying the diseases like mosquitoes or perhaps it is just the little whining noise that the mosquitoes make in your ear like….eeeeeeee I got you eeeeeee. As if they are rubbing it in. Spiders usually just bite in defense and then try to scurry away. Yet watching their eight little legs wiggling across your body and that thread of web trailing behind them tickling your nose can also be quit the eerie feeling. Like a little thief in the covers with you. Just crawling around for a tasty bite and run to leave you with a nice little welt in the morning filled with digestive venom and fluids.

Thanks for reading,

Joshua Crane Dowidat


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