B2M – Book 2 Movie

September 19, 2016

Hello Everyone,

I know it might look strange or to modern texting type language to be using the (2) in the middle of Books 2 Movies, but it is the more common form of writing this. Just like B2B in business to business. Anyways back to the point, books to movies.

What it is-Book 2 Movie:

Well what it is, is exactly what it says. It is when a book is turned into a movie. Sometimes this works great for the book and sometimes it hurts it. Sometimes it turns out to be a great film but people don’t like the book. And nowadays we have seen the rise of video games to movies also which has been very successful. Often times I will read a book and then see the movie and feel like it didn’t do the book justice. This in turn is when the book can get hurt from the movie market, still that is the more avid readers that think that and if the movie is still a Blockbuster hit than it works out for both parties. But there is a lot involved in book 2 movie production

The Change-up:

This is what I like to call it. This is when screenwriters and other parties involved with a book 2 movie project have to figure out what to put into the movie and what to change. This is often hard because sometimes what works out great for a book will not for the movie market. Think about what someone can simply write from their imagination but what it would cost to create in a visual form in a movie. This can get a budget racked up quickly. That is why we so often see parts in the movies cut out that were in the books or another creative way to fill in the void or needed information to shorten up the time restrictions that movies can have.

If Desert Shadows were to go to the screen?

Well that’s an important question that I want to ask you all who read this and have read the book. What would you like to see in the movie? What particular parts would stand out that you feel like you couldn’t live without? These are things I would want to know form my audience. Would it be better if they were left young as kids or if they were a little older so the horror level could be cranked up a little more? I find myself asking these questions lately and I would like to get a response from any of you out there because there is some stuff going on.


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Joshua Crane Dowidat



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