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First of all I hope everyone it well and is checking out information about the American Revolutionary War this week. It did begin on April 19th, 1775. At least according to my calendar and to some other sources. I find it interesting that through so much research you can actually find conflicts of certain important dates such as this. And only dating back 241 years. It is not a very long time in human history or even the recorded history of humans. Think about all the knowledge or events that would be so easy to hide or misconstrue over such a period of time.

Desert Shadows and its Relation to this:

When I was writing “Desert Shadows” I found it interesting to add in specific things about historical events that took place. However I tried to sidetrack them to a certain degree that they were Continue reading

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Today I want to share with you an author who has somewhat inspired me to become a writer. Dean Koontz was one of the first authors who ever really held my attention. Don’t get me wrong there were plenty of other books before my first Koontz novel that I loved but I continued to read from his works because there was something there that captured my attention.

Don’t or Do, Judge a Book by its Cover?

Well I know the saying and when it comes to books it is a tough subject for me. I personally decided on the artist’s cover design, out of several, for my book “Desert Shadows,” with the thought of how I first purchased my first Dean Koontz book.

“If I saw it and didn’t know the author, would I buy it?”

I purchased “Forever Odd” by Dean Koontz because of the cover. I Continue reading

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Hope my previous blog wasn’t to boring in the general sense. As many of you can imagine, especially those I have spoken with since going public with the book, “Desert Shadows,” and myself, is that there has been a lot of questions floating around. Well, there has. I am getting a lot of the same ones so before adding it to the FAQs section I will try to answer some here. One that people keep asking me about is the title and the fact that there are other books with the same “main” title.

How is this?

Well first off, those several other books are on different subjects. Some have subtitles to the main title that explain what the book is about besides just “Desert Shadows.” When I first titled the book “Desert Shadows” I asked myself the same question about it possibly getting confused. It has, Continue reading

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Once again I would like to thank all of you who have added me as a friend through social media and any that are following.  I would also like to thank all of you who have taken the time to visit the website. Over the next few weeks, and then continuing on, I will be adding these blog posts to the website to promote the release of the book “Desert Shadows.” I will also be answering any questions I can as I get time to do so. Any Frequently Asked Questions that I do get, concerning the book, will be added to the site to clarify as much as possible as time goes on or if they accumulate on a specific topic. I am also in the process of writing the second book at this time but have no estimated release date due to my schedule. I Continue reading