Historical Aspects in Desert Shadows

April 19, 2016

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First of all I hope everyone it well and is checking out information about the American Revolutionary War this week. It did begin on April 19th, 1775. At least according to my calendar and to some other sources. I find it interesting that through so much research you can actually find conflicts of certain important dates such as this. And only dating back 241 years. It is not a very long time in human history or even the recorded history of humans. Think about all the knowledge or events that would be so easy to hide or misconstrue over such a period of time.

Desert Shadows and its Relation to this:

When I was writing “Desert Shadows” I found it interesting to add in specific things about historical events that took place. However I tried to sidetrack them to a certain degree that they were not case specific or anything that would perhaps be misleading. It is loosely based on events that occurred in history. Because I love history so much I found it hard to not relate matters in the book to more specific occurrences.

I hope everyone is still following me:

Anyways another favorite author of mine does this very well. Dan Brown is another author that inspired me. Not so much his style of writing but its context. The twists in details of history and the accurate historical information that he provides in his works is astonishing. Maybe one day I will develop my books in a more accurate historical basis like his. However, I am still working in the shadows of how accurately I want to utilize historical references in my books.

Anyways for right now I hope everyone is still enjoying the book or any others that you may be reading at this time.

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Joshua Crane Dowidat

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