Coming up with the title Desert Shadows

Hello Again,

Hope my previous blog wasn’t to boring in the general sense. As many of you can imagine, especially those I have spoken with since going public with the book, “Desert Shadows,” and myself, is that there has been a lot of questions floatingĀ around. Well, there has. I am getting a lot of the same ones so before adding it to the FAQs section I will try to answer some here. One that people keep asking me about is the title and the fact that there are other books with the same “main” title.

How is this?

Well first off, those several other books are on different subjects. Some have subtitles to the main title that explain what the book is about besides just “Desert Shadows.” When I first titled the book “Desert Shadows” I asked myself the same question about it possibly getting confused. It has, but only to a small extent so far. The original title I had in mind was “Desert Shadows” and at one time I even changed the title upon realizing that there were other books out there with the same or similar title. After the first editing session and conversing with those knowledgeable on the matter I decided to go back with my original title because it was the one that I felt suited the book the best.

Why “Desert Shadows?”

Easy. It takes place. in the desert and has to do with the eeriness that one’s imagination conjures up when looking into the shadows and wondering what lies among the darkness. Also, in a more metaphorical aspect, the shadows that lie within many of us. Not to delve to deep into the subject and not give any spoilers but there is also a more fiction/internal related necessity for the title to have “shadows” in it.

So in a nutshell that’s it. Enjoy.

Joshua Crane Dowidat


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