Eerie for Thoughts: The Bennington Triangle

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First of all this is the triangle that is not to be confused with its more famous brother or sister triangle The Bermuda or its closest neighbor triangle The Bridgewater Triangle. I know right, probably never knew there were multiple “triangles” that have eerie occurrences or disappearances.

Where, When, Why:

The Bennington Triangle is located in Vermont. Actually Southwest Vermont to be more specific. When? Well that’s up to debate on what or who the when relates to. I have no idea if the mysterious area was always active but it came into popularity in the years 1920-1950. The “Why” is because a lot of people went missing in the region during those years? I know it is a long period of time.

Some Facts:

There are several reported incidents that occurred between 1945 and each one has their own intriguing and eerie story but the triangle in it’s entirely is what I am focusing on. Many cases were “said” to have occurred before these more investigated cases but let’s look at a few scenarios.

The Great Depression and Roaring Twenties occurred during these times and many people went missing during the Great Depression or simply were deceased somewhere and people didn’t know. Or the Roaring Twenties and the rise of organized crime in America found its hold on a few of the cases. Regardless the other tales are creepy because the information that is provided doesn’t add up. People walking away to get firewood at campsite and never being seen again. Makes you think. Foul play, Mineshaft, oh and that reminds me of the numerous ghost towns that surround the area. What if there are a bunch of people roaming around those parts that are similar to those form “The Hills Have Eyes.” Or something like that.

Well I know it doesn’t sound that eerie when I simply break it down this way but there is too much information to put it all into one blog. Feel free to check out some of the actual reported cases that have some substantial information on them. You can find it on the Internet fairly easy or maybe I will write in more detail on those cases later.

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