Pay it Forward: Desert Shadows

October 1, 2016

Hello Everyone,

Thanks for reading as usual. I wanted to add this here as well as my other social media posts so it will reach as much of an audience as possible. Hopefully Pay it Forward.

Several years ago I was admitted into Tucson Medical Center for a severe medical condition. I spent my fair share of days and nights in there. The staff was very nice to me and took care of me and now that things have been going do good for me I am in a position to pay it forward.

Pay it Forward:

Along with some books that have already been sent to the TMC Foundation for the children’s fund, I will also be donating my royalties/profits from this coming quarters book sales of my book Desert Shadows. I am just happy I can finally Pay it Forward to those who gave me so much when I was there.

Thanks for reading and please pass along. I will post the results around next March when I receive my quarterly statement from the publisher. Just thought I shoudl Pay it Forward.

Thanks for Reading,

Joshua Crane Dowidat



I know I have updated this since the last time I posted but have been starting to get ready to do it again. Perhaps make a seasonal thing and try to do my part back. For any of you who do not follow me on social media the last donation period was pretty good. I matched the royalties I received because it did not reach what I hoped for but it was still a good push. Perhaps when the next one comes out I can really Pay it Forward a lot more and do the same. Thanks again and remember that a little bit of caring can make such a big difference to someone. Even it that someone is somebody you don’t know. Joshua Dowidat 10/7/2017

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