Eerie for Thought: The Gorbals Vampire

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First off people might ask me what I find eerie about this. Frankly it’s because it is a vampire story, or at least to some extent of one. Vampires are something that still find their way into our imaginations from time-to-time and are constantly revisited in movies, books and other forms of media. This vampire tale happens to take place in a cemetery location which just adds to the eeriness of the story. Although like most posts in this segment I will leave most of the research up to you, the reader, I do want to touch base on one major part of the story. That is, it starts in the 1950s.

Why does the date stand out?

To me the date stands out because of how recent it was and that it caused such an up-stir. Although more in depth information is scattered around the Internet on this event it pretty much wraps up in the same story line wherever you look. What grabs my attention is the fact that in such a modern day era, this still occurs. I love the fact that some cultures and people in general are still filled with this fear of the unknown. I find it interesting to know that with all the modern day technology, and even that of the 50s, the fear in all of us can still escalate so quickly when something like this occurs.

Wrap up

So although the story has several different outcomes and theories that are spanned out across the Internet they share some common aspects. First it occurred around the same timeframe. Second, it was a vampire. Third, it involved children. And the last aspect I want to point out is that it became a folklore legend in the area.

So, in a nutshell I think the story of how the natural fear of the unknown is intriguing. Whether it was from the media that some people blame it on or an actual phenomenon I am not going to judge but what a story can inspire is beyond words.


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