Haunted Places: Stull Cemetery

September 28, 2018

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I know what you’re probably thinking right off, he spelled ‘skull’ wrong. Actually if I was intending to spell ‘skull’ you would be correct. But I didn’t. It is Stull Cemetery and it resides right in the middle of the United States of America in a little place called Kansas. But even though it is physically in Kansas, you might want to check yourself if you ever visit. You might find yourself thinking you’re not in Kansas anymore.

Stull Cemetery:

The cemetery resides in Douglas County which is the county that the community of Stull is in. Settled mainly by people of German and Dutch ancestry the area was established into a community around the late 1850s. The town got its name from the only postmaster it ever had, Sylvester Stull.

Eventually a church was built for the locals and was constructed entirely of stone on the land near the cemetery. Similar to most churches of its time. It wasn’t until the early 20th century that the town started seeing its fall to rise.

Plans to bring infrastructure in where cancelled. A father burning a field later found his boy burned to death. A missing person was soon found dead, hanging from a tree.

But that’s not where it ends. The town and church became quite popular for rumors of occults and satanic worshiping. Stull Cemetery would eventually get a lot of attention from this. It wouldn’t be long before it was dubbed one of the world’s Gateways to Hell.

The Gateway to Hell:

As some of you know. There are certain cursed places of feared places around the world that many cultures and the native people feel or believe are in fact some conduit to Hell.

There is a rumor that somewhere in the cemetery there is a set of stairs that lead straight to Hell. However, the only way to find these stairs is on a special night, maybe you can guess which night, or during the Spring Equinox.

If you happen to find them, on purpose or by mistake, don’t even take a step down them out of curiosity. You will turn to find that there is no way back.

But that’s not where it ends. The church of Stull Cemetery was destroyed a decade and a half ago but it was a long standing place of possible demonic worship and/or witchcraft. It is believed that certain powers existed in the broke down roofless church. Some people said you could stand inside the church during a rainstorm and never get a drop on you. I know that don’t sound that impressive but you have to understand that this was ‘after’ it had no roof left.

Other say that there are weird circumstances that occur with crucifixes in the church or cemetery. Perhaps that is why someone bulldozed the church down one day without cause or permission. No one knows who did it to this day.

A Cursed Oak:

The church wasn’t the only thing destroyed. A perfectly healthy oak tree that was growing in the middle of the cemetery was cut down one year before Halloween. This was to prevent people from venturing to the tree and making dares.

The cemetery, the church and the late, infamous oak tree were constant targets for vandalism and trespassing.

The Oak tree grew right straight through a tombstone in the cemetery. It split the tombstone in two before reaching an adult size. Making it seem even more the haunted of places to venture to on the night of Halloween. It was believed the tree was used to hang the witches of the land before the sourness of the earth took hold again and ran nearly all the residents away.

To this day the community is scarcely inhabited according to sources that I looked through while trying to find the nearest town. Spread out and lightly un-inhabited is what most of them say of the Stull Community.

Perhaps it’s just people taking to themselves. Perhaps it’s a curse. Or perhaps it’s those protecting us from the curse. Probably a pretty eerie place.


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