Haunted Places: Hotel San Carlos

March 29, 2017

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Sorry I have been slacking on getting these out on Mondays as usual but I have been busy. Once again we will be going over another haunted place in Arizona as this segment continues forward. This time we will discuss the Hotel San Carlos in Phoenix, Arizona.

Hotel San Carlos:

The hotel opened its doors in 1928. Located in downtown Phoenix, Arizona the hotel has left its classic look of its original era and has attracted many guests by doing so. The look of the roaring twenties and the sign that bares its name stretching down five-stories of the building show the greatness that the hotel once and still boasts.

To me it eerily resemble the hotel from one of the seasons of “American Horror Story.”

Many famous guests stayed here during the rise of the silver screen days. Marilyn Monroe was a frequent ad well as Carol Lombard and the famous WWII pinup Betty Garble and many more. During its peak many people would visit Hotel San Carlos just to visit and not even to stay the night. Kind of a social means to the famous while visiting Phoenix.


Well to gather a little more information on the hotel I read through some reviews in the last several weeks and although I can’t remember a lot of the specifics I will share with you a little that I remember.

Many guests have ultimately left the hotel during the night due to the hauntings. Don’t get me wrong, many people stay days or weeks there and never see anything and have an absolute blast. Yet there are the few tales and reviews of eerie or supernatural occurrences that scare people back out onto the streets.

Now these are recent hauntings that have occurred. There are some more eerie tales that date back with the hotel.

Leone Jensen:

Leone Jensen was a quest at the Hotel San Carlos when she was just 22. She traveled and stayed at the hotel while awaiting marriage to her husband. Her husband to be decided he was no longer in love with her after she trekked across the country to marry him.

Leone climbed to the roof from her room that she was staying in. She was wearing her wedding dress that would never see a wedding day. From there the warm Arizona breeze blew her dress in the wind for a few moments before she leapt to her death.

She was staying in room 720. Many guests report seeing a women dressed in a flowing white dress at the foot of their beds for a few moments before disappearing into the walls or door.

If that isn’t enough, it is believed the hotel was built on land that was once used by a tribe that worshiped an ancient god.

Haunted…maybe. Be fun to check it out and see for yourself. Perhaps just plan on the trip alone and hope to see something that makes it an eerie experience. Or, depending, maybe hope you don’t.

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