Haunted Places: The Copper Queen Hotel

April 10, 2017

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Got several more of these nice little haunted places in Arizona. This week I want to talk about another place that I had the pleasure of visiting and even spending the night at. Bisbee’s own haunted hotel, The Copper Queen Hotel.

Although Bisbee holds other haunted places among the old mining town of the west, this is the location that many hear about and perhaps the Oliver House.


The town goes back to the old times of the Wild West and all its glory. The town was founded predominantly as a mining town, mainly copper, silver and gold. Established in 1880 the town still serves as a home for many residents. Now the Victorian style decor of much of the town and the famous mines serve more as a traveling destination for tourist and others seeking to grasp a little bit of the mining old west. In the last decade a resurgence of the mining industry has taken an interest in the areas around Bisbee and has invested in the town itself.

The Copper Queen Hotel:

Built in 1902, The Copper Queen Hotel was built to house the visitors of the town that were of higher status in society. Mainly investors and those with other power-related positions. The hotel shares its name with the local mine that runs tours daily that take you deep into the depths of the Earth to see where the miners in the early 1900s and the late 1800s worked.

The Copper Queen Hotel shares the Victorian style of much of the town and has kept its old fashioned styles in the guest rooms as well as the common areas. On each floor there is a common room open for lounging and socializing with anyone who happens to pass by. It adds a sense of social class to the hotel not often seen any more in modern times.


Good question. When I stayed there for a night with my brother we did not notice anything out of the normal. The again we were busy on the streets of Bisbee throughout the night and only spent our sleeping hours in the hotel and a little time at the bar and restaurant. The feel of being in a place that kept so much of its historic appeal alive does add a little feeling of being “out of place” at times. Still I have to honestly say I did not witness anything bizarre or paranormal.

Or maybe that “out of place” feeling I had in the early hours of the morning wandering around the hotel common areas alone was in fact something else. Maybe just an eerie feeling.

Once story of the haunted hotel that stands out with me is the story of a prostitute by the name of Julia Lowell. She fell in love with a client of hers that in turn did not love her back. She took her life at The Copper Queen Hotel. This was here common destination for taking clients.

From that point on, people who have visited the hotel or staff member there have reported various hauntings from a ghostly spirit in her thirties. Provocative dancing on the stairs, whispers in the ear and the simple presence is enough to lead people to believe that the lovely Julia may be present.

Other Hauntings:

There is also the case of the young boy who like to hide guests stuff in the rooms. Or appears wrapped up in a towel of who appears under the tables to visiting children dining at the restaurant.

There is also the case of the black –dressed lady who wanders town the steps and then disappears before entering the dining room. Or the older gentleman who haunted the lobby and stairwell and sends the smells of cigar smoke in his wake as guests stumble upon him. He wanted to spend his afterlife in a place he loved, according to legend.

Then there is one more mysterious to me. He yells at staff members working on the third floor and guests. Heavy steps roam around that area at night, up and down the halls and stairways as well as the common area between the rooms.

One thing that seems common with most of the haunted reports of The Copper Queen Hotel is that they mainly occur on the third floor and in the stairways. Although the third floor is easy to avoid if you visit the stairways aren’t. So think about that when you book a room there for the night, unless you want to possibly see something from the afterlife.

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Joshua Crane Dowidat

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