Eerie for Thoughts: Stonehenge Disappearance

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Welcome to the Stonehenge Disappearance. The last in my several week long blog posts about disappearing people or anything for that matter. As I previously mentioned this one has a little bit of a twist “for me” because it is something that will relate to the characters in my future books in the “Desert Shadows” series. So pay attention because you might learn some interesting and eerie history not only about a disappearance but also about Stonehenge.

Where, When, Who:

The “where” is obviously Stonehenge, hence the title. The “when” is sometime in 1971. The “who,” is a group of “hippies” that decided to go camping at Stonehenge. Their names are; Julia Aston, Lucas Addams, Wilma Rupert, Shary Wilson Jr., and Danniel Wilson. All of whom were never heard from again after that fateful night.

The Event:

Okay, I know I’ve mentioned it before but there’s something about a rainstorm or thunderstorm that seems to really draw out the eeriness in any event for me. During this disappearance there just so happens to be a storm. A storm full of thunder and lightning and a strange blue light that lit up the stones of Stonehenge.

This group of people decided that they wanted to go camping but with the intents of partying it out and also trying to summon or experience the spiritual essence that is believed by some to accumulate from Stonehenge. As the night progressed the group set up tents and began their party among the rocks. Note: this was allowed in 1971 as the area was not blocked off to the normal public yet.

A police officer driving by the area around 1:30 am noticed that the partying was still going on strong. They had no intentions of calling it a night yet, or an early morning. That is until the storm hit. A storm seemed to develop almost instantly according to witnesses around the area including the police officer. As lightning began to stick around Stonehenge the group decided to seek refuge and continue partying in their tents. At least it is assumed this was their intentions. At one point the stones around Stonehenge began to glow with a bright blue light which is possibly from the lightning or some other strange event that was taking place. In fact it was so bright that the police officer stated he had to look away.

If the blue light wasn’t eerie enough what followed is what disturbs most people who witnessed the event. The police officer as well as at least one other witness who was within ear shot said they heard cries and screams coming from the tents. For what seemed like the people inside were screaming for their lives in terror or perhaps pain.

The officer and another witness went running towards the camp to try to help. They thought they were going to stumble upon victims of the campsite burnt from lightning or other lightning related injuries. Instead they found….ready for it…..nothing. No bodies, no tents, nothing except for some tent posts and a burnt out fire pit.

Desert Shadows Relations:

I often pick tales like this to associate into my writings. Desert Shadows is a series of books that has certain parts of the; who, what, where, why parts explained by some of these other strange phenomena or superstitions. There is also a lot of the true history embedded in the stories although some gets removed through editing and my attempts, along with the editors, to make the books more “page-turning.”

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