Eerie for Thoughts: Places of the Deceased

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This is a subject that could go on for a while. I am going to focus on the basic idea of the sites and what makes me get an eerie feeling.

I would like to thank my brother for this idea because it’s something that I often talk about with books like “Desert Shadows” but seldom refer back too. In fact it was an aspect I was highly considering putting into the book but I never brushed the details of the area enough to find it relevant to the plot.


Typically a curse means to cause a misfortunes to someone or some type of consequence will come if someone does something to provoke or initiate the curse upon themselves. Curses can also be those that are given to someone by accident or by a person who can grant them to their benefit from the outcome. Some are just evil being…well…evil.

Burial Grounds:

The burial grounds we see often receive an eerie recognition because of the movies we see or what we read about in scary books. Some of them are the roots for haunted houses because they were built on these sacred lands and the site of the deceased was in some way desecrated. Well I would be a little upset to and would be doing some haunting. The part that I find eerie is the tales of those who passed through and were cursed for the rest of their lives. I don’t mean those that were simply killed but those that actually received a curse. You all know the ones where ghost come and haunt them or sickness continues to befall a family or loved ones. These are the curses of these places that really send chills down my spine.

Something about the openness of the burial grounds that has a different effect on me than those of haunted houses or the cemetery that we more often see today. To me there is just a difference in the way the eeriness creeps through me when I think of the tales of the curses I read about when I was younger. Curses about those who accidently wondered though one of these burial grounds way out in the woods or desert and then found out that they were cursed. Maybe it is because they stole something from the grounds or simply just because they were there but they did get a curse and had to figure out a way to stop it.


Although they are also a burial ground but just in a different style, they distinguish themselves often because of the tombstones that mark the grave-sites and are usually the only visible feature. The tombstones can be eerie in themselves, often times telling a story of giving a brief insight into a person’s life. I remember when I was younger and going to a doctor’s office with my grandpa in New Jersey. There was an old grown over cemetery next to the place where I would walk around with my brother and mother looking at the forgotten markers of the once living. There were some of the most beautiful tiger lilies growing around the area but even all of that didn’t make me forget the creepiness of the place I was at. Don’t get me wrong I do realize that they are not just scary places but also places of paying respect to the deceased but sometimes it just hits you right. Especially one that was grown over with the feeling of forget in the air as you walked around.


Tombs and tombstones kind of go hand in hand and can be one in the same. When I say tombs in this blog however I am talking about the ones that you walk into. They can either be a place with many bodies laying out in the open air, in caskets or a tomb for a single person. Many wealthy families have family tombs so they can keep all the curses within the family. No, not relay it is out of respect but the one feature of these style tombs that gets me is the convenient access to the bodies. That’s how they found victims of Dracula and other vampire stories. They seldom had to dig up graves or tombs buried six feet or more under the ground.

A Curse’s Concentration:

What I find eerie about the way many of these tales worked is that the curse often revolved around the person who in some way disturbed or desecrated the sacred grounds but seldom effected them directly. It was usually the people around them dying or becoming ill. Kind of makes you feel like the jerk because you caused this on everyone else from greed or plain stupidity in my mind.

I would love to hear any thoughts about this subject and it doesn’t have to be these types of places for the dead but it could also be about a cemetery haunting, maybe one you grew up near or heard weird tales about. Please feel free to share.

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