Eerie for Thoughts: David Lang

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Well last week it was a whole village disappearing and this week we are going to brush over some facts of a single person. That person is David Lang. Although it doesn’t make it any less eerie when a single person or a lot of people disappear the case alone is what might boggle your minds. Once again this story has some evidence to possibly debunk it. But I like living in the mysterious realm and if I didn’t see it with my own eyes I might not believe the debunkers over a person who possible made the story up. Either way here are some parts of the tale.

Where, When, Who:

David Lang is obviously “the who,” but there is also the who that witnessed the event. His wife and kids watched him vanish in the blink of an eye and so did a passing by carriage. The two men in the carriage stopped after seeing him disappear and preformed a quick search as well as his wife and kids. This all happened in Tennessee in 1880.

The Event:

Like one of my previous blogs it happened while walking across the field by a house. David Lang was walking along while his wife and kids watched him form the house. The reports say that in a blink of an eye he disappeared into, well…thin air. The two other men who witnessed the event said the same thing. They thought he fell into a hole or something but after their quick search for David they found nothing. A more thorough search that was conducted later didn’t turn up any abnormalities in the area that would explain the abrupt disappearance. He was just gone.

After the Event:

Well story has it that nothing ever grew in the exact spot that David disappeared from. The grass and plants turned yellow and dies around the area in a small circle and the animals never grazed from that spot. The children of David even said they heard him yelling to them for help some months later. But just like his physical disappearance his voice eventually faded away as well. Even further into the distance that the children said it sounded like it came from.

So what happened? Who knows for sure? Reports are strong to oppose it and say it was a hoax based off some novelist or author. Whether you believe it or not is up to you. I like to stay in the mix of the possible paranormal out there and not all things can be explained so I will leave the rest of the quest up to you.


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