Eerie for Thoughts: The Sedlec Ossuary

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I am adding this section to my blog from now on. It is called “Eerie for Thought.” Kind of like the saying “Food for Thought.” Although my segment is nothing to take to seriously, or into deep consideration, it is stuff that I find interesting and would like to hear any feedback about what you think. So hopefully it will be fun and informative for everyone So we will focus this first one on the Sedlec Ossuary

The Sedlec Ossuary

The Sedlec Ossuary is something that always interested me. Although there are many ossuaries around the world they are mainly in Europe from my research. This one stands out because of its huge skeletal display. Although I am not planning on going to deep into facts about the Sedlec Ossuary I want to focus more on the eeriness of the display that many nowadays would find frightening but in those times it was simply the style and tradition.

What makes human bones so eerie?

To me, seeing human bones from any part of the body grasps a sense of mortality within my own imagination because I see what I will eventually become. If I think back to my younger years of Halloween and other similar events  I often remember people dressing up as skeletons or seeing skeletons as an object of horror in films. Perhaps it is because it has the same effect on other people as well as me, the mortality and the curiosity. Also the fact that we shouldn’t see human bones moving around on their own. The Sedlec Ossuary creates a different sense of that for me as I have become more comfortable around stuff like this over the years. However the intricate displays of human bones on chandeliers and wall décor still makes me wonder sometimes. I think it is more simply because I wasn’t accustomed to it during my life.

The Ossuary and Films

The Sedlec Ossuary has been in several films and that is what first brought my attention to researching further into it. If you happen to look further into it you will see for yourself that it has also influenced many movie scenes and other “spin-off” type of ideas. Ideas that would later inspire things we see in films or perhaps even read about. The book “Desert Shadows” does not have any referencing to this interesting chapel. However, I wouldn’t doubt it if someday I use it as an idea or to perhaps inspire something of my own.

So why is it eerie to me?

Well to me it is the whole nature of the ossuary. Just check it out for yourself and see.


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