Seasons are Finally Changing

Hello Everyone,

I know I’ve mentioned it before but something always stirs in me this time of year when the seasons begin to change.

I know it’s not a drastic change, as of yet, but where I live when you stop reaching temperatures in the 100s it is a nice respite from the other 6 months of the year. The nights are what gets me. The cool air comes in a little quicker and compared to summer, the cool air actually comes in at night. But also there is the earlier sunsets. That rush to do things before the light fades away from the horizon when just a week ago you had what seemed like so much more time.

I guess that’s why they call it Daylight Savings Time.

The Mood of the Seasons:

The mood that people get in where I live becomes much more lighthearted. The hot temperatures don’t have everyone’s blood boiling and the mood of the autumn seasons, kicks in with everyone. Usually a good mood. Don’t get me wrong, I know not everyone likes it. Anyways the point is that people start getting excited for the holidays. Mainly Halloween. Still it is two months away but from the looks of it lately the stores and other people are already prepared.

Not Only the Stores:

People are adding to this change in attitude or mood. As the season approaches and there is that one night, or evening, where the air hits everyone just right, the next thing you know, it’s all Halloween talk. Not to stray too far off the subject of the autumn season mood, but that’s where it ultimately leads. To Halloween.

Why Do I Think?

Well thanks for asking even though I asked myself. I think it’s because people want the change is the reason why the seasons change makes them react this way. The nights grow longer and days shorter. This inevitably leads to us feeling the need to get more done in shorter times than they did just a few weeks ago.

A long time ago, when the seasons changed, the fear of evil spirits and other eerie beliefs are what led to the change in everyone’s attitudes. People became friendlier to others around this time of year in certain circles in the hopes that their good spirits would prevent the evil spirits from attacking them or cursing them. The fear of the dark and unknown made people retreat to the indoors more quickly to be protected my religious or other types of relics and prayer bestowed on the home. Plus the light was more readily available indoors than outside.

Well, it was just something on my mind since the temperatures changed a little here and the days are growing shorter.

Thanks for reading,

Joshua Crane Dowidat


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