All Saint’s Day: A Wrap up for Halloween

November 1, 2019


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Thought I would use another place this week to kind of wrap up the Halloween blogs with a holiday that coincides. That would be All Saint’s Day. As some of you already know, whether you learned it form my blogs or from previous sources, All Saint’s Day is a part of the original three day celebration.

All Saint’s Day:

The holiday is usually celebrated on the 1st of November yet this date can change from the different Christian traditions. It is basically a day reserved for praying for the souls in heaven and acts as a date to commemorate the deceased and their lives. Saints of the Christian faiths are particularly observed on this day, hence the name all Saint’s day.

Traditions of Celebration:

Many traditions change in their ways of celebrating the holiday and observing the deceased. Most customs that share similarities are the nagging of wreaths on graves. Offerings of flowers and lighting candles as well as feasts are quite common during the celebration of All Saint’s Day. However some of the traditions that differ are the performances of plays, something similar to trick-or-treating is also a tradition. Some even used the holiday to replace the traditions of celebrating Samhain as religious trends changed in the regions. Still the most common thing associated with all of them is the visiting of grave sites and honoring the deceased.

Halloween and All Saint’s Day:

Well as mentioned the dates are right next to each other. They are both centered on the concept of a celebration of respectfully honoring the dead. One tradition even has a similar form of trick-or-treating during the day. But the biggest similarity is that All Saint’s Day is part of Allhallowtide which Halloween is also a part of. Another traditional name for All Saint’s Day is All Hallows Day. With the word Hallow being a traditional form of referring to a saint.


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