Haunted Places: Landmark Restaurant

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Well one of our last places through our tour of haunted places in Arizona is going to be another restaurant. The interesting thing about the restaurants so far is that they most often started as something else and eventually became what we know them as today. This can be said about the haunted restaurant in Mesa, Arizona known as the Landmark Restaurant.

Landmark Restaurant:

Well first let it be known that it was called the Landmark Restaurant, up until May of 2015. They had to close their doors and this upset a lot of people who were fans of the eatery. However, it wasn’t always a place to eat.

The building was originally a Mormon church built in 1908. Throughout the years many buildings were added on as the church fellowship grew. Eventually it was deemed not suitable for the large number of attendees and abandoned as a church.

In 1972 the first restaurant opened in the once church of Mesa. This restaurant lasted for almost a decade before another person/persons purchased the building and opened the Landmark Restaurant.

Although the haunting didn’t help or hurt the restaurant’s normal group of patrons and the regular tourists, it did add to the growing mystery of the place. Over the years paranormal investigators went and visited the restaurant to see what the spirits were up too on several occasions.


Most accounts of paranormal and eerie activity at the once restaurant share similar examples of haunted activity.

The first is the pots and pans and other utensils rattling or moving on their own in the kitchen and throughout the Landmark Restaurant. Other accounts of objects moving around can be noted but it seems to be more common with the objects of the restaurant itself. Meaning, it doesn’t seem to occur with individuals who are visiting and their personal items. At least nothing real evident has been reported.

There are stories of the upstairs and downstairs hallways both being haunted. Voices and groans from an eerie visitor that resembles more of a man’s voice wander the top floor. The downstairs hall is said to carry the voices of a woman even when no one is present.

One ghost has even been given a name, “Bea.” She allegedly turns the faucets on and off in the bathroom when the guests or workers are in there. And of course when they are sometimes not in there. Even though this spirit of the Landmark Restaurant was given a name the one that gives me the eerie feeling is the one that supposedly roams the basement.

The basement girl cast an eerie shadowy apparition around in the basement areas of the Landmark Restaurant. The part that gets me is that is a little girls spirit that some see. Why?

Was it from when the place was a church? The time in between church and restaurant? Or something entirely different, like the land before the church was built.

Now I know apparitions are common and not usually that creepy or scary to those of us who read a lot about this type of paranormal or haunted activity. However the one thing that sets this little ghostly spirit of the basement apart from many other haunts is that she leaves footprints and hand prints in the dust. That’s right. Little footprints and handprints in a dark abandoned basement. Just there among the shadows and the creatures of the dark.

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