Haunted Places: La Recoleta

January 16, 2017

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Well another haunted place is here and once again it is a cemetery. Wanted to change it up a little bit so that’s why I chose to do one outside of America and Europe where it seems that many of the haunted places have been. La Recoleta is found in a little place called South America.

La Recoleta:

First off I know that South America is by no means small, just a little humor.

La Recoleta is more precisely situated in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Once again, not a small place at all. Buenos Aires is home to more than 2.9 million people and has a growing economy with tourism, industrial and commercial factors contributing. However, that is not what we are concentrating on. We want to hear about the cemetery, don’t we?

La Recoleta Cemetery is named for the neighborhood by the same name that it is located in. It is home to many deceased including Eva Peron. For those of you who don’t know who that is off the top of your heads, check out the movie “Evita” with Madonna playing the title lead.

It is also home to many noble men and women of the country as well as almost 4,700 vaults. That’s right vaults for the dead, not just individual tombs or gravestones. Oh, and also Zully Moreno.

The Haunted Part:

Although there are several tales that go with any cemetery there is one in particular that I want to discuss. The hauntings of Rufina.

Rufina, or by her full name Rufina Cambeceres, died suddenly one evening. She was taken to the cemetery to be buried but the weather from hard rains that day prevented the casket being put immediately to rest.

At only 19 years old at the time of her death, no one thought oddly about the sudden death when she was only preparing for a night out on the town and to go see a play at the famous nearby theater.

The following day when the cemetery workers went to her casket they had found that it was moved and the lid resituated. They assumed grave robbers had some play in it the night before. Perhaps someone who knew about the fine jewelry that she was wearing at the time.

Upon further investigation they found that all of her jewelry remained. They also found new bruising on her arms and legs and scratch marks inside the casket. She was buried alive and tried to claw her way out.

Turned out she was in a sleep or comatose state that was brought on from what is known as cataplexy.

Cataplexy is a sudden weakening of the muscles with full conscious awareness. It is triggered by laughing or terror, and other extreme emotions. It is most often associated with narcolepsy. Both are caused by the destruction of a neurotransmitter hypocretin. This is the transmitter that regulates the awake cycle or wakefulness and even arousal.

She pretty much experiences her entire burial up until she regained control of her body for enough time to fight for what I can only imagine to be air in the casket.

So very sad this happened. If it were me I would probably haunt the place too.


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