Haunted Places: Howard Street Cemetery

November 28, 2016

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Because the holidays are rapidly approaching and Halloween is behind us it seems that there may be nothing eerie left to talk about. Don’t worry, I have some good topics that are relevant. Until then I am going to discuss some other topics but also concentrate on another segment. A segment that will include the Howard Street Cemetery.

What, where, why?

Well, I hope you can all tell that Howard Street Cemetery is in fact a cemetery because it is in the name. The “why” should also be fairly predictable by now, because it’s haunted. Now a very interesting and eerie fact about the cemetery is the location. A location that resides in the United States of America and is famous for its eerie past. That place my dear friends is Salem, Massachusetts.

Howard Street Cemetery Eerie Past:

So many of us know about the Salem Witch Trials and their significance in our history and our literature. A famous person form this past is rumored to be buried in this cemetery that is often called the Howard Street Burial Ground. That person’s name is Giles Corey.

For any of you familiar with the legend, Giles Cory was accused of witchcraft or worshipping the dark arts. It is also the area believed to be the site where he was in fact executed in a manner or pressing heavily weighted rocks upon a board on his chest. He was literally crushed from the weight and he could no longer fight back the weight with breath or muscle.

The eerie thing is, is that his last breath before the crushing weight gave way was a curse to the Sheriff and to the town of Salem.


Curses are not something to be thrown around lightly. Giles Corey was executed by the townsfolk for probable cause, or more like mere suspicion. Whether his curse will live on through the power of witchcraft or the sheer power of the determined human spirit, after death of course, is the true question.

Imagine yourself an innocent person. Accused on sheer word of mouth. Executed in a torturous way that was meant to lead to a confession in order to cleanse the soul before its departure.

I am in no position to say he was indeed practicing or not. But if I was a person falsely accused I would come back seeking vengeance if possible. And if I were in cahoots with a higher spiritual power whether good or evil that allowed me to curse people, well heck, I would do that too for killing me.

Either way I look at it. The place has a very high probability to be haunted by the angry spirit of Giles Corey, along with any others that might have been buried there for similar reasons.


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